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Jan 22, 2010 11:00pm EST
a league for white players only. and you have to be born in the united states as well. don moose, lewis is calling it the all american basketball alliance will eventually have minor league teams n several southern cities. >> our fish give is middle white america. that's -- initiative is middle white america. that's the one that needs a little feel good nostalgic, this was fun like i remember. >> we fought so long to be able to get african-americans into major sports. and now to try to return back to the all white kind of play is ridiculous. >> lewis says the league will start in june. >>> in tonight's fox 5 top five, some relief at the gas pump and creditors looking at your facebook friends. laura evans explains. >> reporter: brian, do you have any financially responsible friends? number five tonight, you might think about adding those contacts to your twitter or facebook account. it could improve your chances of getting a loan. some lenders are now reportedly checking out social networking profiles to get a better read on potential clients and whether you're a potential risk. >>> want
Jan 20, 2010 11:00pm EST
] >> we do this throughout th united states, especially on the east coast, help each other all the time. this would be new for us going international if you will. >> reporter: what took minutes to destroy will take years to rebuild. for this woman seeing her niece rescued is mixed seeing her home country in ruins. >> it brought joy to us and my family but a joy we can't even celebrate, those that are still alive. >> reporter: haiti's ambassador to the u.s. said if there is a silver lining to all this is that his country now has a chance to rebuild better than ever. in the satellite center, fox 5 news. >>> we're also hearing tonight from the president of the royal caribbean cruise line taking heat for continuing to drop anchor in haiti. the ships are dropping anchor about 60 miles away from the carnage letting passengers on shore. critics claim that is in poor taste. the company president says haiti government wants them there. >> we have a 30-year history with haiti and we strongly support the country. the government wants us to be there with the ships for to reasons. one is the deliver
Jan 21, 2010 11:00pm EST
the united states. omar says he doubts his father will order any more mass attacks and claims bin laden is worth more to the united states alive than dead because his death could unleash nasty attacks by militants. >>> a consumer alert affecting millions of car owners. toit toits has issued a giant recall -- toyota has issue add giant recall. a popular georgetown store is going out of business. maureen umeh is back with your fox 5 top five. >>> we start tonight with another georgetown store front shutting down. commander sal mandzer's closing by the end ever the month. it's been in business since the early '80s selling punk and new age clothing. this is the 53rd business to close its doors in georgetown in the past year. another business is opening a new store in our area. number four, macy's i opening its first bloomingdale's outlet stores. one will be at potomac mills mall in woodbridge, virginia. more outlet locations are expected to open in 2011. >>> skip just a teaspoon of salt in your diet every day and cue get dramatic health results. by reducing sodium by just 3 grams a day you
Jan 15, 2010 11:00pm EST
to haiti right now. temporary protective status will apply to haitians who were here in the united states before the quake. and in our area a different kind of protection being offered. tonight the saint camillus church in sill silver spring held a special mass. afternoon bishop donald wuerl told us the purpose of the mass was simple: to offer support. >> the haitians have a saying god is good. god is good. tonight we're simply going to ask god to give us strength, to strengthen our solidarity and to nurture that sense of belonging and support for another one. >> the archbishop sent $100,000 to catholic relief workers on the ground and the archbishop says there will be more. >>> two nights ago we told but a group of ten women from southern maryland caught in the quake while on a mission trip. tonight they're all home and telling their story to fox 5's bob barnard. bob? >> reporter: brian, they got home very early this morning taking advantage of a sudden opportunity to leave haiti. their working vacation following in the footsteps of mother teresa turned up side down. >> we were exactly w
Jan 19, 2010 11:00pm EST
by companies from the united states, and get that aid to the people of haiti as soon as possible. >> reporter: but it seems things aren't happening fast enough. clean water is scar nonexistent in port-au-prince and other towns. patients are screaming in pain in hospitals that lack food, water and medicine. more physicians are needed. the manager of an orphanage says 3-year-old clifford will die if he doesn't get immediate treatment for his crushed leg. the help is just off-shore but so far away. >> we have an hear for a helicopter. there are ships at the dock waiting to see patients but there is nobody transporting them. >> reporter: 28 americans are confirmed dead and the number of dead fromhe quake could reach upwards of 200,000. brian, you you mentioned the few positives. here is the good news. people are still being rescued. 90 people have been rescued in the week since the quake. >> laura evans, live in the satellite center. >>> students? georgetown showing their support for the haitian community on campus. caribbean student association held a candlelight vigil. a haiti native and gb stu
Jan 25, 2010 11:00pm EST
earthquake survivors could soon be headed here to the united states. the u.s. and several countries are considering allowing haitian immigration. hillary clinton is going to canada for an international conference on haiti. world leaders will discuss better ways to coordinate the relief effort. >> thank you. >>> a relief plan could be on the way for middle class americans. president obama laid out his plan today to put some cash back in family's pockets. it includes doubling the child care tax credit and capping student loan payments. the obama administration is hoping to win back middle class voters and republicans appear eager to take on that battle. >> this is the fear and the anger that you hear that i hear in my state and across the country that apparently the white house has not yet heard. >> president obama is expected to target the middle class and much of -- in much of his state of the union speech wednesday night. virginia's new republican governor bob mcdonald will deliver the republican response. >>> the next time you fly out of dulles airport, getting around will be a li
Jan 13, 2010 11:00pm EST
and charities here in the united states and all around the world are now rushing in to send aid. fox 5's karen gray houston has the news edge on the local support. >> reporter: devastation is nothing new to the community coalition for haiti. haiti is one ever the world's poorest countries -- of the world's poorest countries. now e-mails from colleagues rking there in the trenches are preparing them for what to expect. >> they're people that are crying from their homes. it's chaotic. >> reporter: two teams of experts are headed for haiti made up of doctors and nurses, structural engineer, administrative assistants. they will be helping out at the main hospital in port-au-prince that was badly damaged in the quake. >> we have some general pediatricians, some trauma pediatricians, pediatric cardiologists. >> reporter: their focus is on children but one team will work side by side with them on adults with all kinds of unimaginable injuries and illnesses. the ability to speak french will be helpful but the volunteers from this faith- based organization say they're going to do more than provide medi
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7